Why Isn’t Anyone Visiting Your Website?


The whole point of having a website is for your customers or readers to visit it. If you own a small business you probably want it to give your customers information about you and what services you provide. But, having this website doesn’t do much for you or your customers if they don’t go to it. There could be several reasons why your site isn’t getting the viewership you think it deserves.


According to Neil Patel, “40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.” 3 seconds doesn’t sound like a long time but research shows that every second counts. And when you’re craving caffeine and looking for a good spot for your morning cup of joe, 3 seconds can feel like forever. You don’t want potential customers to go elsewhere because of a slow website.


There are some basics that every website should get right. A few being: sensible, easy to read navigation, fonts and colors that fit your brand and message, and not too busy or overwhelming. A clean and sleek design goes a long way. And lastly, it simply works! You can’t have your website flaking out on you, items not displaying properly, or not optimized for any device.


Another piece that really aids in the growth of a website is social media marketing. You might create awesome content and products, but you’ve got to also tell everyone about it. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are obvious choices. Depending on the type of business you’re in some mediums can be more beneficial than others, but it’s important to have a website to send people to from your social media accounts.


Just as there are basics to the design of a website that should be followed, there are basics that every website should come standard with. Individually, these best practices might not do a whole lot but stack them up and your site will surely be in a better position to perform higher in the SEO rankings.

Some items that should be looked at include: title tags, image alt text, meta text, image optimization, outbound links, internal links, the list goes on. It really takes a trained eye to get your website set up and optimized.


Everyday Google checks in on every website to see if there is anything new or interesting to cause one site to rank higher than another. One way to please Google is to post regular content and keeping the site updated. A coffee shop could write a few posts about the different types of brewing methods they use, conferences or events they attend to learn more, or what type of beans they brew.


Your website is just plain boring. You do all this hard work to get people to your site, but if it’s unimaginative and not interesting, people may leave. Some things to avoid are big, chunky blocks of text, nothing for the user to do, and no main area to focus on. You want some sort of call to action for the user to interact with. It could be to sign up for your newsletter, your rewards program, book an appointment–whatever fits your business.


Your website is one of the most valuable tools you have to grow your business and it needs to be invested in, just like the capital you invest in to run other areas of your business. If a website owner focuses on these tips and best practices, your site will grow and readers or customers will be flocking to your site in no time!

Having a website shouldn’t only be for larger businesses with large marketing budgets. At Mana Web Design I am passionate about building powerful, custom websites for small businesses. My goal is to make the design and build process as easy and painless as possible for you, the business owner.

Take a look at my portfolio of previous projects and when you’re ready to bring some MANA to your business, fill out our discovery form at the bottom of any page and let’s get started. I can’t wait to work with you!


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