help your site ride the wave with a maintenance plan

Your site will certainly wipe out if you aren’t enrolled in a maintenance plan.   

Without a maintenance plan, your site is very vulnerable to attacks. Hackers might not be targeting your specific site, but they are looking for the weakest link to access the server you are hosted on and that is where they can wreak havoc.

A maintenance plan gives you peace of mind to not have to worry about your site going down, running slow, or not being up to date. 


maintenance plan


Maintenance plans offer peace of mind regarding security and updates.

✓ Unlimited content updates

✓ Weekly website backups and restore points

✓ WordPress and Theme updates

✓ Plugin monitoring and updates

✓ Security monitoring and protection

✓ Monthly Google Analytics reports

✓ Monthly report detailing what has been done to your website

$59 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my site to be designed and launched?

I aim to get a homepage and several other pages complete within a week. Once the design is approved and all content including text and photos are collected then I can move forward with the rest of the design.

With clear communication and collaboration between me and you, this process should be complete in a month.

What do I need to do before you get started?

We will complete a questionnaire together that tells me about your goals and needs for your web presence.

You will need your page text, photos and logos ready to be uploaded to your site. If you need professional photos I offer this as a seperate service!

My goal is to make this process as painless and relaxing as possible in order to build you a powerful website.

Does Mana offer website hosting and maintenance?

Yes! I can set up your hosting for you and I highly recommend you sign up for my maintenance plan.

Do I have to sign up for your maintenance plan?

No, you don’t have to, but I highly recommend that you do. Here are my top reasons why you should keep your maintenance with me. The #1 reason why WordPress websites get hacked is because of not maintaining proper updates.

1. Your website needs to be maintained. A website is not a ‘set it and forget’ type of investment. It needs to be monitored and updated often.

2. The security of your website is in increasing danger the longer it goes without being updated and monitored. Also, your site will not be optimized. Over time your site will slow down and not function as it was designed to. 

3. You may want design updates or content modifications, the maintenance plan takes care of that for you.

I have plans starting at $49 per month.


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