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If you’re in the market for a website or redesign for your small business, something that might be holding you back is not knowing how easy it really can be to have a site built for you.

You want a professional to handle it, but where do you even start? 

You might be thinking the process is going to take forever. I can get your website up in 4 weeks (or less). 

You might think it will be this big long process that is going to take you away from the things you really need to be working on. My process only requires a couple calls or questionnaires to fill out and that’s it. 

You want a custom website that looks great and easy to navigate, but that sounds like it’s going to be expensive to make it look and perform exactly the way you want and need. My pricing starts at $1,499 for a 5 page website including a blog. 

Below I will go in more detail of my process when working with a client that explains how easy and simple it is to get your website built or redesigned, from start to finish, in 4 weeks or less.

Discovery Call/Questionnaire

First, we start with a discovery call. I get to know you and your business. You tell me about the needs of your business, your target audience, and your goals, and then we come up with a plan of how your new website is going to help reach your clients and accomplish these goals.

You get to know me and how I work. We discuss a plan of how the website will be engaging to the visitor and bring you clients through compelling call-to-actions.

Then, we discuss a bit about your design preferences. You tell me what sites you like the look of, and others you don’t. We take a look at some of your competitors websites and how we can make your site outwork and outperform them. 

If you prefer to answer these questions on your own whenever you have the time, I have a questionnaire I can send. As soon as we have an agreed upon plan for the functionality, I then take all of this information and move on to Phase 1 of the build.

Phase 1 Design

After the discovery call, I will take all the information from the discovery call/questionnaire and create the first draft of your site. This will take me about a week. Once built, I will create a video that walks you through the design and functionality and my thinking behind it. You will be able to see a first look at what your final project will look like.

I will collect your feedback and make the necessary adjustments. 

Once you are happy with the build we then move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2 

Phase 2 is when I fine tune the design and finish building the website to look great on all screens, make sure it works with the most popular browsers, and make sure every page and piece of content is search engine optimized. 

Once everyone is happy at this stage we can move on to the best part!


This is the exciting part! Your website goes live. 

This is the time for you to share with your colleagues and clients through social media and word of mouth that you have a new site and you want to drive as much traffic as you can to it. I will send you a specific list of things you can do to ensure we are getting traffic to your new website.

Post Launch

Once your new website is live this is not the end of our partnership. We’ve got to make sure that your website is safe from any potential threats. The content needs to be updated often to help bring in more traffic. Also, the technology behind it needs to be kept up to date. 

My maintenance plan takes care of all of this for you. 

I personally make sure that your website is safe, make any needed adjustments and add new content to the site. I can also provide you with tutorials of how to make small adjustments and post new content to your website. 

Most Importantly

Choosing a company to design and develop your website is not a one and done relationship. It’s a pretty big deal. You’ve got to find someone you can get to know. Once you know them, hopefully you get along with them and trust that they will do a great job for you and do what’s best for you and your company.

I believe I build great websites that are designed to accomplish the goals that I and the client create. 

I wanted to share my process with any potential client to show how easy it can be to build or redesign your website. It doesn’t have to be super complicated. It doesn’t have to be a big drawn out process that takes months to get a quality product that will help grow your business.

If we work together through my focused process, we can have you up and running with a great looking website in a month or less!

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