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I recently had the great opportunity to work with and build a new website for Brough & Resendez PLLC. Brough & Resendez PLLC is an innovative law firm located in Austin, Texas serving individuals, families, small and closely held businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs across the state of Texas. Their areas of practice include business law, real estate, immigration, and intellectual property.

Mr. Brough and Mr. Resendez recently partnered together as one law firm from their own separate practices. They needed a website that gave a modern look and feel that strayed away from the typical ‘angry lawyer with arms crossed’ look. They wanted a website that instilled confidence and created buy-in for today’s generation of people looking for legal services.

The website needed to do these things:

  • Make it easy for clients to connect with them and easily understand their services provided
  • Have a way to schedule a 30 minute or 1 hour consultation
  • Fit with their brand logo, colors, and style
  • Look great on any screen size with a modern look and feel

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